Application Criteria


  1. Projects contractually connected to the judges or board are allowed to enter.  If a judge is contractually connected to an entrants submission project, this must be notified by the entrant by stating in his submission “Please note the project may be connected to judge (name surname) because (brief one line explanation)". No marks will be provided by said judge for such an entrant.  Failure to notify by an entrant will immediately disqualify an entrants submission.  If an entrant project needs to notify that more than 1no. judge is contractually connected to the entrants submission then the project should not be entered and will be disqualified during the process.

  2. Entrants may be requested for further information to clarify their eligibility in October 2018.  These must be responded to in full within 7 days.

  3. Any Façade Contract practically complete between 1st January 2017 and 31st Dec 2017 and not previously entered in any SFE competition will be considered for the awards.

  4. All applications must be made on a fully completed entry form.  Incomplete entries will be void.

  5. In the event of a decision deadlock, the competition Chairman will have the final vote.

  6. Submission - The format for the submission is as follows:

    a.   Applications not to exceed 5mb total

    b. PDF entries submitted by email to:

    c. Finalists will be notified in October and must be available to attend the winner’s presentation to be made during the Glass Supper 2018, which takes place in London on the 6th December 2018. We expect short-listed finalists to be willing to come to London to give a presentation to the SFE on their project during the year after the competition.




How to enter


Submit the your application via the pdf application form (download here) and Email us your application to


A maximum of 4 images and 4 technical drawings in support of your application. Additional information may lead to deduction of score.


Applications not to exceed 5mb total








Entry is free, however winners will be expected to present their entry at an SFE technical event in 2019. Entrants shortlisted will be notified in 19th November 2018 and must be available to attend the Glass Supper on the 6th December to potentially receive an award.





Key Dates


Entries open from 1st September 2018


Closing date for entries 15th October 2018 (Closing date extended to 31st October 2018)


Shortlist announced 19th November 2018.


The winners will be announced and presented by Saverio Pasetto MSc, Chair of SFE and Graham Hackley MSc MCIOB, Competition Chairman together with a distinguished guest on 6th December 2018 at The Glass Supper 2018 which will take place at The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, Camden, London UK.





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